Managed Endpoint Security

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The security of data, assets, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) endpoints are paramount for any business in any industry. HadenGrey offers cutting-edge managed endpoint security solutions to protect your network. Stay ahead of the latest threats with a toolkit of anti-virus/ransomware software, and managed detection & response.

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Comprehensive Endpoint Protection Solutions

Safeguard your corporate assets with hadengrey.

We provide a range of solutions, forming a robust defense against cyber threats.


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Anti-Virus Protection

Our dashboard employs advanced scanning and detection capabilities—identify and eliminate viruses, malware, and other malicious software that may compromise endpoint security.

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Ransomware attacks continue to increase across in many different industries. We can help you detect and neutralize these threats before they can encrypt your critical data.

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Detection & Response

Cutting-edge technology, real-time monitoring, and expert analysis allows our team to detect and respond to threats quickly. Since it’s fully managed, you can focus on the business at hand.

Key Features of our Managed Endpoint Protection

Technology continues to evolve, meaning new threats can arise at any time. Our managed endpoint protection services help keep your network safe and secure. From role management to advanced threat analysis, we strive for excellence. We can even evaluate and strengthen existing policies. Notifications and requestable metrics keep you and your team aware.

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Our managed endpoint security allows for seamless role changes, including additions and deletions. We can help ensure regular review of access privileges. Effective role management is important to any organization’s security policies. Reduce the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches. 


Stay alert to industry best practices and emerging threats with our team of experts. We can help you develop new procedures—or improve existing policies for stronger endpoint protection. We’ll help protect you from the latest vulnerabilities and attack vectors. All while keeping downtime to a minimum.

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Our managed endpoint protection services include proactive email and SMS notifications. Your team should never be in the dark. Instead, you can receive alerts for security incidents, policy violations, or suspicious activity.


Transparency and accountability are vital for effective endpoint security. Metrics such as uptime, availability, utilization, and more are available upon request. These details can empower businesses with real-time insights into performance and endpoint security.

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HadenGrey leverages industry-leading tools for continuous monitoring, analysis, and behavioral modeling of endpoint activities. Our managed endpoint security services can put you in a stronger security position. Detect and respond to emerging threats efficiently, preventing potential breaches before they occur.

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